Corporate Management Services

In keeping with our mission of creating added-value services for our clients and streamlining success in the local industry through a trusted network of proven professionals, we provide a wide range of corporate management services to address our clients’ requirements. Our proactive professional team is ready to help, provide guidance, and coordinate. Our corporate management services include, but are not limited to the following:

-          Company Registration

-          Due Diligence

-          Local Sponsorship & Agents

-          HR & Training

-          Business Visit/Introduction of Potential Partners

       -          Business Representation Services

Consulting Services

The core of our business is consulting and project management in construction and development. Our highly-experienced team of certified project managers, engineers, business developers and legal advisers are all active in the industry and understand what it takes to complete projects. our specialized services include:

-          Market Research & Analysis

-          Business Case, feasibility studies, and Due Diligence

-          Business Partnership & Joint Ventures

-          Reports & Publications

       -          PR & Advertising

Business Concierge Services

We provide our clients with quality business concierge services aimed at addressing their day-to-day business needs while operating in a hassle-free business environment. Our A–Z added-value services reduce costs for our clients while streamlining operations through trusted reliable partners. Our business concierge services include, but are not limited to the following:

-    Exhibition Services, Events & Conferences

-    Logistics

-    Mobile Offices & Meeting Venue

-    Short & Long term accommodation facilities

-    Relocation & Moving

-    Translation